EULA/outlining fonts newbie

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Joined: 1 Aug 2005 - 4:33am
EULA/outlining fonts newbie

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing Freight Sans however I would like to know exactly how editable the typeface is. More specifically, I require the ability to outline the type in order to send it to print. Is this an option when I purchase? (TrueType, OpenType etc.) Or is it up to the foundry to enable/disable this option.

Basically I want to use this typeface at a number of printers, so I would like to use the outline method to embed it into the document, unless you guys know of a better way?

Hope you guys can fill me in...


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Joined: 3 Mar 2005 - 3:23am

Hello Ben,

Making outlines can not be against the EULA. You don’t change the font and resave it or give the typeface away (to the printer).
I think the way you work is legal.


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I have never heard of a EULA that forbids outlining.

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Actually, when converting the font to an outline in Illustrator it is not a font at all anymore and therefore not covered by the EULA. You are doing nothing that reverse-engineers or modifies the font software.

Bruno Maag

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Joined: 13 Jul 2001 - 11:00am

This is an interesting question. It would seem to me that outlining the fonts would slow the file down. Why not just embed them?

Item f in their EULA seems to allow for this.

"f. Licensee may embed the fonts in electronic documents provided to Licensee's authorized service bureaus or printers, provided that Licensee ensures that said service bureaus or printers agree to delete or return the electronic documents at the conclusion of rendering services to Licensee."

[Removed this sentence because it was stupid.]