>>> Type ID Pop Quiz V2.3.2 - Expert Level

This is how it works:

  • A portion of a glyph is published in the Type ID Pop Quiz.
  • Try to identify the glyph and the typeface. To win, you need to name at least:
    1. typeface
    2. weight
    3. character/glyph
  • Show off your knowledge by casually mentioning additional trivia, like who designed it, when and by whom was it (first) published, and other cool stuff to impress your fellow Typophiles with.
  • The winner produces a new challenge -- a portion of a glyph, black on white background, presented in a 288 x 288 pixel square, including a R204G000B00 1 pixel border.
  • The person who posts a challenge can't win the next game.

In case of any disputes, I will act as judge, jury and avenging angel of wrath.

If you think this is a little too difficult, maybe try the Entry Level Type ID Pop Quiz or Intermediary Level Type ID Pop Quiz first.

Good luck everyone, and have fun. ;^)

With respectful thanks to the originator of this utterly useless but highly entertaining waste of time, the often imitated but never duplicated Cheshire Dave.


OK, everyone, here we go.

Hrm... 'D' in some sort of Tuscan face?

- Lex

Or something in an art nouveau style?

Could also be a p, P, R, or B

@loremipsum: The link you provided to the Carter document doesn't work. : (

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

Yes, André, it's a B — but it isn't Tuscan nor Art Nouveau.

Er… where has everybody gone ?

Can you say if it's a script or blackletter?

Yes, Michael, it's based on an ancient script, but not a blackletter.

An uncial, perhaps?

No, sorry — an older script.

Capitalis Rustica
My guess is Rusticana by Abode

But I'm wrong...

Ah, it's getting closer — yes, it's based on the rustica script, which was used in Rome from the 1st to the 5th century.

I'm afraid so.
A hint : the name of this typeface is a link between Aldus Manutius and John Baskerville.


or Virgile bold?

Yes, Michael, it’s Virgile, by Franck Jalleau. Congratulations.

Your turn.

… I searched for ‘Virgil’, without the ‘e’ – ƒ#™ʁ∞♠☠✽ʘ!
Congrats, Michael!

Well done!

Thank you all. That was tough... and educational.

This one is a little more recent, so you’ll guess it in about ten minutes:




Not a “K”


Could also be a n, m or p

No bracketing in the serifs. Is this person under 30? Or is this a strictly geometric face?

André is correct. It’s an “M”. And yes, the designer is under 30. :)

It looks as though a hint is in need. Here's two:

1. The designer is from Celeste’s neck of the woods.


Is this S?

Hi Michael,
is it the ‘M’ of Sans Merci by Jack Usine aka SMeltery?



Congrats. it is Sans Merci.

Your turn.

That M got struck by lightning …
To be continued:

Is this from a standard glyph or is it a dingbat of some sort?

- Lex

Hi Lex,
this is a standard glyph, i.e. Basic Latin.


Hi Marten,
no, you won’t call it outlined.
It’s a character all of you use every day.

Probably the @?

Hi André,
yep, it’s the ‘commercial at’.
Btw, is that a new avatar? Looks nice!

Thanks Forian!

Yep a new one. After 3 years it was about time to give a boost to my face ;^)

The font is from a foundry with a very good reputation among typophiles.

Fakir (Display Regular Condensed) by Underware ?

Hi Stéphane,
wow, you are very close – but still wrong.

Yeah, I can't find any part of the glyph matching your first picture. It's not Fakir, then ?

No, it’s not Fakir. This font is even younger.

Could it be, that the font goes well together with a couple of songs on a CD?

Hi Jan,
yeß, that’s the öne! :°)

I bet you got at the TYPO in Berlin this year. I know it was on sale there. I asked a friend in Berlin if she could get it for me but she failed. If I remember correctly the font was released especially for the TYPO.

I’ll leave this one to somebody else.

Hi Marcelo,

yes, it’s Blaktur! (And yes, Jan, I got it at Typo Berlin, lucky me.)
Blaktur is so black; the ‘@’ couldn’t bear a ‘ring’ – so they went with a reversed ‘a’ for it. Brilliant idea, imho.

Your turn!