any font similar to this

please help: does anybody what type this (GALVANO-MAGNETIC...) is? do you know anything similar?

thanks in advance,


http://Eagle is similar to it except for the M.

thanks - looks good. any other?

The G is the hardest part to match, but if you made the G from a C with about the right closure, all you need to find is a sans with a low crossbar on the A. I thought of House's Neutraface, but if you don't want to make that kind of investment, you could work with Neuzeit Grotesk (Geometric 706) and use a small amount of added white stroke to thin the strokes like your sample.

This is assuming you only want to do a limited amount of lettering this way.

- Mike Yanega

wow mike, neutra looks great. actually i'm using it as an inspiration for a logotype, so i'll probably not buy a font for it, so thank you for the workaround as well ;-)