Vista Sans for text, Bliss Pro for headline/lead

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Vista Sans for text, Bliss Pro for headline/lead

Hey guys

I need your opinion. I am currently in the process of completing a booklet. It contains mainly photos and illustrations, with some text explaining the photos and legends for my illustrations.

Most pages contain a headline, which I've set in "Bliss Pro Extra Bold", size: 23pt, leading: 18pt.

The text is set in "Vista Sans Book", size: 10pt, leading: 12pt.

All settings in InDesign.

I'm no professional in type, but you are ;-) - what do you think? I've experimented with "Agenda" for my headlines but found it to be too strict and too strong a contrast to my illustrations which mostly consist of natural shapes... I've also tried "The Sans" for the text (I guess it's a faux pas to set small text in TheSans anyway) and although I like the typeface itself, I found it kinda hard to read.

I want the text to look modern and contemporary but not soulless.

What do you think - it's not another Gill/Frutiger booklet ;-)


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Meta or Freight; can't go wrong.

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What is the booklet about? What is your size? What sort of printing would you go for?

If you could post a few images of what you have done already, it might be easier to respond.