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Adriane Text from Typefolio Digital Foundry

Typefolio - a new brazilian type foundry - is proud to announce the release of Adriane Text. PDF here
Adriane Text was designed between 2006 and 2007, and with
its core objectives to become an adequate text composition
and characteristics, it can be classified as a transitional typeface.
However, details in its anatomy offer a certain personality that
without it, it becomes excessively visible, in addition to an
excellent legibility in small sizes. The typeface has a medium
contrast and the axis is predominately vertical. The size of
x-height counter forms gives an extreme legible effect applied
on every typographical composition.

Adriane Text acquires two styles: regular and bold; with its
respective italic versions, small caps, tabular and proportional
figures in old style and lining, an extensive set of ligatures for
different combinations, as well as ornaments,
dingbats and several ampersands.

Its italic version possesses fluidity that contrast with
the severity of the roman special characteristics in its drawing.
The degree of the italic inclination between the upper and
lowercase are only slightly different, but offering
more rhythm to the text.

Furthermore, the use of advanced typographical projects,
all font types are accessible throughout the OpenType features.

More about Adriane Text here

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Adriane looks beautiful.

The upper case R and K take a while getting used to.

Particularly loved the ampersands.

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Joined: 14 Sep 2005 - 4:08pm


Ten days after his launching, to Adriane Text earns highlight as typeface of the month of December in the informative monthly one of the MyFonts, Rising Stars . And as one of the more sold in the ranking Starlets .

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