"No hole is too deep for us" casual script on T-shirt

What font is this quote in?


I actually had some hope of finding this in the Script Font ID Guide, but I searched Parts 11, 8 and 9 without seeing a match. The uneven letter sizes and slant suggests an amateur font design, such as a personal font. The high f crossbar is not common, the o is quite large, many letters connected, and the individual letters show some skill in their formation. This combination was not found often, and also made it hard to decide where to search.

In my opinion, the closest available font I saw was Mr Kleen DNA (third from the top) from the SignDNA folks. It is more regular (professional) looking, but I thought it was similar in many ways.

My guess is that this is a one of a kind personal/custom font, made by someone who knows a bit about drawing letters.

- Mike Yanega