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I can't believe no one asked that before.

Is it so obvious ? Anyway... I just can't identify that typeface.

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Someone did ask this before. The concensus was that these were hand-drawn by a talented lettering artist. Similar British Humanist faces are Gill Sans or Johnston.

- Lex

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thanks lex.

I just found a link to this post via google, I was coming back to update my post but you were way too fast !

did you use the search field to find that post ? It gives me no answers.


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Gill and Johnston are similar, but are not the good one.
That's why I was posting here, hoping for a perfect match.


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You will find no matching font, but P22 Underground comes closest.

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The search field is sort of broken, and always has been. If you want to do a search on a specific site, just type " your search terms" in Google. I searched for " carry on" to find the older post.

- Lex

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Damn nice message (and the typeface looks much better than Gill). I'll make a desktop picture of this ;-)


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P22 Underground is near, but the R (used 2 times here !) is really too straight...
so sad...

let's digitalize folks !


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You could cobble together a reasonable facsimile using Gotham for most of the characters and Myriad/Frutiger for the Rs.

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This is the closet i got... Avenir next, Gotham M, Bliss R.

This typeface reminds me a lot of Caslon's egyptian, by the way.


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You can buy reproductions for just a couple quid or so at if you dare use their website! I did anyway, much cheaper than the other places that sell it, not silkscreened but who cares you just put it in a cheapy frame! Or just recreate yourselves ofcourse, I'm lazy.

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> not silkscreened but who cares

I do care a lot !


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Funny takeoffs here and here.

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use this website, very usefull...

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I would like to use the official Typophile logo but until then...

And up on the Keep Calm website...



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