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A private foundry and consulting firm, specializing in Arabic type and lettering designs, and related typographic software solutions. Founded by Arabic type designer Saad D. Abulhab in 2003, Arabetics is best known for producing open, innovative, and inspiring non-traditional Arabetic fonts. However, we have almost two decades of experience producing both traditional and non-traditional Arabetic fonts. Our passion to preserve the power, elegance, and competitiveness of Arabic and other derived scripts, within a dynamic and global computing environment, is our main driving force.

In addition to providing original fonts through major font vendors, Arabetics had successfully executed several custom designed fonts projects, including both traditional and non-traditional designs, and had introduced innovative font related software solutions. We work very hard to satisfy our customers’ requirements and to make sure that their contracted needs are met. Our prices are very competitive and favorable because we employ smarter, more efficient approach to Arabetic font design.