Typophiles on Halo 3?

Anyone else here besides Joe and I spending too much time on Halo 3?

Send me a friend invite to "J7R3D" or post your gamertag here - Let's see if we can get a Typophile battle together...



D00D you outed me in public. That's it. Eat Mauler flak!

Mine's FL4KJ4CK (works better w/ lining figures, trust me).

(a tumbleweed blows past)

You're going to need to supply me with an X-Box, Halo, and a TV and then I'm totally down.

Otherwise, invite me to a LAN party.

Are their classes? Can we get a workshop for this at the next TypeCon? I'm not sure my husband would approve of this sort of activity (ergo, time suck) but it sounds fun to me.