I heart Freight

There are gimmicky fonts and there are solid fonts. The gimmicky ones are fleeting. Cool for a moment, but they tire quickly. Emigre and T-26 and even some Underware fonts in time will look the same way. Then there are typefaces that feel standard, that feel timeless and hardworking -- by that I mean versatile, usable, readable. The problem with those two extremes is you want something that works hard, but that feels fresh. Something that will last but that will still let you pull out some surprise and some sparkle in your system. A few typefaces come to mind -- Meta (Erik Spiekermann) had that quality. And more recently Amplitude (Christian Schwartz) and Pill Gothic (Christian Robertson).

Now enters Freight (Joshua Darden). In the standard sizes it looks fairly standard/normal but then you get to weights like Freight Micro, and Freight Display Italic where it takes on a display quality that I love and can't wait to find the right moment to use.

Freight Micro Italic with a custom M

Today FontShop announced Freight Big and Freight Display.


Before it went under not too long ago, Jane magazine was set almost entirely in Freight, with the A-heads in that gorgeous display black italic.

Most larger families strive toward making gradients out of opposites. Light/black, sans/serif, text/display, etc. But Freight manages also to successfully reconcile being conservative with being outright quirky. I wish I owned it : (