(x) Smallflower logo w/ curly flourishes - similar to Bijou (Bangle) {Mike F}

I was wondering if someone could help me identify the font used in the logo from the online storefront Smallflower.com.


Even though 'curly' is a popular style, this doesn't look familiar. In some ways it reminds me of Rian Hughes' 'Yolanda', but that is missing the curlies. I was searching MyFonts using 'curly', but the first 150 fonts were different, and I need to leave right now.

- Mike Yanega

I can't imagine that w flourish being a standard glyph. It might be hand drawn and/or a manually modified typeface.

I think what you say about a custom(ized) font or hand-drawn is certainly possible, but a font with swash alternates could certainly have features like this 'w'. I thought it was worth searching, and I will try a bit longer, now that I'm back.

- Mike Yanega

Well, I finished the search at MyFonts. No matches, but Lambada has some similar elements, though a very different feel. Edison Swirl also has some swirly components, but also not a match.

Two freebie fonts had some similar details, like Caffe Latte, and Nemo. However, these are much more roughly drawn.

In my opinion, the Smallflower logo is a professionally drawn custom logo, which may or may not be part of a full alphabet. Since they don't use it anywhere else on their site, I'd guess maybe it's only a logo.

- Mike Yanega

That appears to be a modification (simplification) of Herman Ihlenburg's Bijou (1882). One version is Fontbank's Bangle. The modifications are mostly trimming, except for the right side of the 'm' - although the whole thing could be a redrawing based upon Bijou.

Dang! I knew something looked familiar about that lettering. I have that FontBank collection. Good job Mike!

- Mike Yanega