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(x) New York Times Magazine Font / slab similar to Stymie, Memphis - Karnak Pro Black {Florian}

I have been wondering about this font for quite a time. All I know is that it belongs to Geo series, but cannot quite figure out which one exactly.

Can anyone help me?


Probably Geometric Slabserif 703 Extra Bold BT.

j a m e s

Is it the same?

Not bold enough to me.

Not exactly the same. The middle vertex on W in your sample is different from Geometric Slabserif 703 Extra Bold, as well as the weight. Possibly it's custom type but I doubt it. If you can live a few small differences, Geoslab 703 Extra Bold with a stroke chucked around the outside.

Sorry, that's all I have time to come up with.

j a m e s

If there's a straight Black version of Bitstreams Stymie out there? If so this is probebly it... ;^)

There are at least two things that speaks against Geometric Slabserif 703 and Memphis and tht's the serifs on the upper uc W and the top oc the lc a. Also the width of the stems doesn't match...

There is an extra bold weight of Stymie. But Stymie has a double story "a", and the sample shows a monocular "a".

Yes I know you're joking. Wankshaft.

Geoslab 703's "a" is match.

j a m e s

You're correct, James. I did a misstake in the link description in my post. It should have said "...a straight Black version of Bitstreams Stymie Italic...", that's got the right kind of a. The a in Geometric Slabserif 703 and Memphis is close but no match. because they both got the top serif on the stem. But if you straighten Stymie Italic up it's actually kind of close to the first sample...

That's Memphis extra bold i'd say.
Edit: Link

The uppercase W, N does not match.

Hm. But that Stymie has a twostorey a.

Maybe it's Chitchy by Baseline.

Chitchy's "a" is too fat...it really looks like Stymie with alternate a.


The previous thread shows a two-storey 'a' though.

- Lex

Maybe it's custom, like most of their fonts.

Yeah, that's probably it, Patty.

I know that Font Bureau, out of Cambridge, has worked with The New York Times in the past, and they list The New York Times Magazine in their list of clients. Just browsing quickly I didn't see anything listed in an obvious way to help here. Try browsing their site, though—or contact them if it is that crucial.


As a semi-related side note. I heard that there was a brief in one of the recent Magazine issues about a new face the magazine is using. I can't find that story anywhere online. Anyone know which issue or where I could find that story?

> I heard that there was a brief in one of the recent Magazine issues about a new face the magazine is using.

I designed the new fonts in question. A bit more here, and a few more fonts to come soon:

And Patty is right, save for the occasional display font, the fonts are custom, even the Stymie and Chelt.

Awesome, thanks for the help eolson.

And nice work.

It's very close to Memphis Extra Bold

I know this is old but that font is Rockwell Extra Bold, they use that for most of their headings then Rockwell for taglines, and their body text font is Georgia 9pt

I'm sorry cfetcher but the sample above is Not Rockwell Extra Bold.. there are many, many differences.

Kris Todd
Graphic Designer
Twitter: @KasinKris

This is Karnak Pro Black, no?