Arnell Group wide sans caps

Please ID


Blair, Sackers Gothic, and Engravers Gothic are all close.

- Lex

Could be a slightly modified Sackers Gothic Light using the small caps..
Aviano Sans is close too.

Thanks very much but none of these seems to be the right fit. The A's and G's are off.
Would appreciate additional suggestions.

Luxury Gold from House Industries will get your very close.

Please keep in mind that -- as this is a logo -- this could very well be custom designed or at least customized.

Thanks Seb and Bald.
I found Gold this morning too.
But none are exactly on the money and I have the feeling this is a font, not a custom design.
If anyone else could take a shot I'd really appreciate it.

I know it's a couple of months after you asked but
Arnell's logo is Trade Gothic Extended.


> Arnell’s logo is Trade Gothic Extended.
No. It’s not. (Obviously.)

ok, it's not
Trade Gothic Extended but it's
Trade Gothic Extended with very slight modifications. (Obviously.)

Trade Gothic Extended is further removed than any other suggestion made in this thread. I wouldn't call the modifications needed to approximate the logo "very slight".

interesting ... some quick visuals might further roil the snark-infested waters :)

'Zeppelin', by František Štorm, may be another alternate.


I hope I didn't come across as being snarky -- I just wanted to avoid sending Mara in a wrong direction. ;^)

nope ... the *obviously* posts seemed snarky, but not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. Passion about a Type ID is a feature, not a bug. And snarkiness is always a possibility when people are talking across the ocean, and not the conference table. ;)

that said, the Arnell Group has some great designers on staff, so it's quite possible that the whole thing is custom. (Based on Sackers or Engravers or even Trade Gothic Extended.)

If I don’t know what it is I don’t post at all. If I’m not sure I might post something like “I think it’s ...”, “Looks like ...” or “Similar to ...”. But I would never post a wild guess saying “IT IS ...” without even checking it.
“Obviously“ might have sounded snarky but’s it’s correct.

OK, back to the question. I think House Neutraface No.2 slightly widened is very close.
(edit: the attached image was not widened at all, just straight test drive screen shot)

- Mike Yanega

updated: Mike, I reversed your Neutraface sample, and stretchified it a little bit.

to clarify my comment about someone in-house doing a custom logo — these are basic forms that any experienced type designer could craft in 10-15 minutes.

maybe there was a directive to do something from scratch, similar to Sackers, with a Neutraface 'G'?

Ignacio got closest with Sackers Gothic Light Small Caps, slightly modified. Mainly the A, N, and E.

I admit that Trade Gothic Extended was a quick guess [as such it wasn't bad] and maybe I should have called it 'similar', but I don't think mkstudio is trying to recreate the logo, just looking for a similar typeface (for which it qualifies).

>> Trade Gothic Extended is further removed than any other suggestion made in this thread.<<
Bald, you know that's an overstatement.

>> Please keep in mind that — as this is a logo — this could very well be custom designed or at least customized.<<
An earlier, more productive and unemotional contribution by Bald Cond -- qualities that haven't come across from Jan (obviously) (yet).

I just realized that the way I ended up in this Type ID forum was directly through Google, and I didn't know I was in such a specific forum. Once you're in there, the heading is easy to miss, kind of like shark fins in the ocean. That explains why I made a quick guess without doing my homework.