"Tom in the Andamans" heavy (hand-drawn?) serif caps: looking for an equivalent

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Hi all,

Don't know if this is the right board to be posting this – it isn't strictly a 'Type ID' question, but others seem to have started similar topics here so I guess I'm in the clear.

I'm working on a book cover which takes (adapts, really) its title from an old, pulpy/poorly printed boys adventure book called "Tom in the Andamans".

I'm looking to set the title for the book in a similar face, but it looks to be a hand-lettered job.

So could anyone suggest equivalents or near-matches for the type in the attached sample? I'm more concerned with the parts of the title in caps, less so the italics. The off-centre O and swash on the S are of particular interest.

A little worried that not much like this will have been digitised to be honest, but it's worth a try...


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Daily News Extra Bold my be an option:


...sort of

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Mmmh, difficult one … maybe Windsor Ultra Heavy has a similar feel?

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Kinda, sorta:

Goudy Heavyface

Hadriano (also designed by F. Goudy)

for the italic:

LTC Powell (another Goudy design)

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I think I might go with Hadriano – while not a perfect match, it does retain much of the feel of the original. Already own Goudy Heavyface, and I'd considered it earlier, but it just feels too rigid...

Thanks all for your suggestions!


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