Birthday wishes to devilish Delve

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It's that special day for another of our favorite D-boys, Sir Delve Withrington. Break out the ale and ascenders and hide the women and kerning tables - it's time to celebrate. Happy birthday, Delve!

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Happy birthday! I sure hop you have some nice weather today.

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Happy Birthday Brother D!


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Happy Birthday Delve!

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Happy Birthday Delve!

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Thanks Everyone!

Tamye, you know me. I'll have a couple (drinks, not women) to celebrate.
What Stuart's holding looks pretty good for staters. :) Actually, my wife
and son are taking me out for a Creole dinner tonight. Bring on the gumbo!

Dan, the weather here has finally decided to cooperate with the season.
So it's cold and wet but I don't mind. I just wish it didn't get dark so early.

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Cheers, Delve. Have a happy jambalaya!

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Happy Birthday, Delve!

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Good talking with you at TypeCon. Happy Birthday!

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Glenda and I toasted Delve today with an office favorite: bread pudding with an incredibly buttery bourbon sauce. HBD paly!

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