This was fun

It started out as a sketch of a man with an unruly dog and a shopping bag (Or is that a man-purse?). The Bad curve replaced the dog as an inspiration from my "bad curve" question. I don't like the bag. Maybe I'll either give him some drawing implements or a poop-and-scoop doo-dad.

In case anyone asks, the font I used is Isoctuer, which I can't find out anything about, but I think came with AutoCAD. The rest in the suit are single stroke fonts.


if the man was walking a dog, I'm guessing the "bag" was not the shopping type, but the type that you might need, when making sure you had a clean dog walk.
I'd hope the curve isn't so bad you'd need that sort of bag.



Isoctuer looks like a take on Isonorm.

yeah, it does, but me it seemed like it was a take on Leroy mechanical lettering templates. The "iso" in both names sort of suggests a drafting/engineering connection. I know that Isoctuer is a standard font on AutoCAD, which is why it's on my PC and it's been there since... forever.