(x) Couture elegant script - Sloop Script {Jan E}

Hi font gods of typophile I am yet stuck / stumped on this particular font face.. As I have no clue what it is...


I Know this should be easy for you guys.. :D thank you so much


dayumm!! that was quick! thanks a million Jan! :D how the hell do you do it? :)

Just look at his glasses … don’t they have a familiar ring?

Just returned from a short trip on my broom ...

Unfortunately my wand is being repaired at the time (overuse). So had to look at Bowfin’s Script ID Guide.


ROTFL! You guys just made my day! :^)

That would be the way Hermione would find it -- using reference works.

- Mike Yanega

Well, I do try to avoid acting any way Hermione would. The girl’s just such a NERD. But if my wand fails (or is due for inspection) and I have to fall back on using reference works Bowfins’s ID Guides are sure one of my first choices.

Thanks Mike.

Regarding the ‘C’/‘T’ in this French school script, I wonder what a Frenchman would read:

A french people will read Couture, Torture or Corture (the last one means nothing in french). The C and T are really closer and could be interpretated as the same letter. Lot of handlettering typeface has this kind of duality.