Is Angelina a legitimate freeware font or a rip-off?

A few days ago, an agency asked if they could have the character set of the typeface »Angelina« extended with some missing characters. They downloaded it from one of the "free font" websites., such as this one here:
The license and designer info in the font does not contain any information about who designed it or to what conditions it my be used or licensed. Can anyone here tell who is the designer of this font?


Albert-Jan Pool


The beliefs of the "shareware" boards is if no one has put a copyright or designer's name, and they have tried to locate it -- then it is up for anyone to use.

Since you are a profession and want the proper permission, then maybe you can find something "legal" to substitute. There are many great handwriting fonts these days.

In my searching I came across this conversation on the very same topic

If we believe what is written then this font is really named Angie and was used exclusively for a greeting card company -- and you know, there is no reason to doubt that - happens all the time.

Jan, Jackie, I've emailed an associate to see if it is one of theirs. Hopefully Mike will swing through hear and see if he recognizes it.