Die cut constructed geometric characters

My company just received this die cut and I was intrigued by the letter forms with the external information. IS this a typeface or is it just the general way the machine renders the information?


I can't see an image.

- Lex

Most likely something internal to the equipment, much like a register receipt. Although there are numerous fonts that mimic this type.

do you know of any that mimic this?

Interesting stencil construction on the B.

I know, right? I love it. If I can't find one, I'm thinking about creating it.

I fear this is something you'll have to design yourself. Any similar typeface that we might suggest will probably be quite different in specific characters. It'll never be what you want and you'll have to end up customizing it in such a way that creating it from scratch is a much faster and more cost-effective solution. As it is a very strict constructed and geometric face this shouldn't be so hard.

you wouldn't think. Kinda new to type design. Just a student, ya know? Thanks for all of the help, though. Happy Holidays

> Yyou wouldn’t think. Kinda new to type design. Just a student, ya know?

I hear ya. :^) I'm really sorry we couldn't be more helpful. I hope this works out all right in the end for you. Best of luck.