Tangerine- serif AND sans versions?

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I started working on a new font, working title Tangerine. I threw together some words to show the state its in right now..

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This is interesting. It's a little to programatic or rule detived to be REALLY great. But it's got promise. The lc c throws me a bit. What use to you intend it for? What's the history behind the font?

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Could you elaborate a bit on 'rule detived'?
I'm not developing this font for any specific project, I've just got this ideal fun (but not too fun) sans-serif font brewing in my head and I'm trying to bring it to life . It's definately got more work to be done, but the basic model is pretty much there. I plan on adding a lighter and heavier weight once I nail this one.

Feel free to knock it around some more, because I'd love it to be REALLY great

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What I mean by rule derived ( sorry typo before) is that some of the shapes in your font take their form from a consistent approach to the forms. So when I look at the tail and join on the lower left of your lc a I see it is identical to the lc d and u. This might be okay but it might not be. When forms repeat too often or too completely an opportunity for richness is lost. Similarly the shape of your lc c is the same as the left side of the bowl of your g. This was a quick way to do it & it's okay-ish but I think it is definitely not ideal.

You have come a long way quickly using rules. But now you have to focus on the well crafted exception! Do you see what I mean?

Some of the questions you have to ask yourself have to do with what size the font will be used ( and "Every size!" is not a really good answer) and what purpose it will have. So for example this might be a novelty face meant for packaging. Weird choices could be more okay in that case. Or you might want the font to be useful for magazine Titles. Or you might want it be work at subhead sizes or for a magazine's article's body text. Each of these choices implied slightly different things in terms of contrast, optical tweaking and other purely typographic factors but also in terms of style because the smaller the font is used the more likely it is that you are going to want to draw on traditional forms in some way.

Put another way - to be great the face will have to serve a purpose. The idea is that you can't hit something unless you aim at it.

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I've been working some more on it, it seems to want to go both serif and sans-serif directions... I think I'll end up making both
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I would also consider making the white spaces in the h & n more silimar to the b & d.

The new c is better. Have a look at the top & bottom and thing if they should be the same or not. Also, what about the e... It seems a bit pinched to me.

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