Helvetica Neue titling?

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I have recently been looking at various uses of Helvetica Neue in all-caps situations, and it seems to me that -- quite naturally -- the standard letter spacing is too narrow and some tracking is desirable.

I was wondering if there is any release of this typeface that comes with titling alternates or a dedicated all-caps titling style? How would you usually use it for all-caps titling?


Thomas K.

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As far as I know there is only one release of Helvetica Neue, and it is Linotype's (although you can also purchase it at fonts.com and MyFonts.com).

I don't know of any titling alternates for this family... This may not be the answer you are seeking, but if you feel that it needs some tracking in an all-caps setting, then you will have to do the tracking yourself. At most, if you are working in Illustrator or in InDesign, you could try using the Optical Kerning option to see if more letterspacing is created that way... But that usually happens with smaller point sizes. Sorry. :-)

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