Some of my work for Monotype

As a type designer at Monotype Imaging, I'm
often asked what fonts I've designed here and
where they can be found. I'm proud to say that
some of my work for MTI can now be seen as
part of a demo for MTI's type layout engines:

Look for the Univers OTS fonts in the pull-
down list (they are the first 6). I designed
the Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai versions. To see
them in detail, bump up the PPM to a larger
size. It should reload automatically.


Very cool. Thanks for showing this to us!

I was wondering though. Is 'embolden' really a type term?

Emboss is a legit graphic term.

But hmmm - I think embolden is not. Embolden means to to instill with boldness or courage. What do you guys say?

Yeah, I use embolden and have heard it used in an editorial sense.

Wow. Anybody else?

Nicholas, did you check out Delve's stuff?

Delve, It looks like you had design really resilient glyphs! IS that right? Can you tell us about that?


Thanks for the kind words. But first off, I didn't
design them in a vacuum--I work with some very
smart and talented people here at Monotype.

You're right about them having to be 'resilient'.
That particular suite of fonts is developed primarily
for use in mobile devices. I had to design within the
restrictions (e.g- reduced height, low res) many of
those devices have. And, of course, the text must
also perform in less than ideal viewing enviros.

wooooooow mane I like your Work

its imazing thenk :)

its relay good i liked arabic

thank you very match

Can you tell me the name for thes font

My bast Regards

Could you give us some pointers for designing with resiliency?