Very similar to Times New Roman, Times, Times Ten, Timeless, Nimbus, Newton

This font is very similar with Times New Roman, Times, Times Ten, Timeless, Nimbus, Newton.

But I believe none of them is match with above-mentioned fonts.

For a hint, look at small “v” letter in Italic and compare them.

Also, there is available "fi" ligature on the font.

I anyone can ID this font, I am very happy because I really like it.

Thanks in advance


Could be Nimbus Roman.

I wonder if the 'v' is a special math symbol that got mixed in with the italic characters... how old is this sample?

- Lex

The scanned font is from a book published in 2003.

I am sure it is not Nimbus Roman in Italic.

The small "v" letter in Italic is different in shape.

Did a quick search and the only font with "Times" in the name and this round 'v' is Times Europa, which is a significantly different typeface overall.

The kerning is very poor. Perhaps switched off?

This would be my guess TeX Gyre Schola.
If not I guarantee you can find it somewhere on that site. In my experience, I have only ever seen LaTeX used for math and physics papers or books.

As the site says, the LaTeX typeface is based on New Century Schoolbook, and this is definitely Times-New-Roman-based. However, the 'v' is closer to Century than Times (although still not exact).

Re the 'fi' lig, some versions of Times New Roman do contain it.

- Lex