Absans: A new face up for the critique.

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Hello Typophiles,

Absans was initially started as a classroom project while I was still in my 2nd year. It was a simple sans designed to understand the basic proportions and how the letters work together. But now I have made some changes to give the design a new look.

I would really appreciate if you guys can spare some time and mark me some feedback on the design. I want this face to work in the text as well as in display settings.

Thanks a bunch,

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I love the lowercase y !
The M is distracting.
The K is too low waisted.
The crotch on the p is too high.
The C is falling backwards.
So is the S.
The t is over-trapped. :^)

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That M is nice, but if you're meaning it work at smaller sizes as well, the embellishment just looks like a printing error. Same with the t.

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Dear Tiff and Haley, thanks for your comments. I will follow the corrections and will upload an updated version.

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Looking better. Can you upload a pdf?

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Can you upload a pdf?
Hi Haley, Please find the latest update *Characters.pdf*

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Hi Sayta, I like the 'square curve' thing as for example in 'g' or 'y' and I think that it works remarkably well in text sizes. Just a few remarks/things I noticed:

• Make vertex in 'M' the same as in 'V' or apex in 'A'

• 'S' and 's' still leaning back

• Lower the connection on stem 'r'

• Liked first spur solution of 'G' better

• 'Y' a bit wider

• Make top 'J' as 'f'

• Inkttrap solution for tail 'Q' ?

• Bottom stem of 'd' and 'u' like 'a' or 'l' ?

• Slash (/) too bold (backslash seems better)

• '!' narower at bottom

• Not sure about 'K' and 'k'

These (short) bullets read a bit harsh but they are just what I would do ... absolutely not binding :)

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Jos, thanks for your valuable remarks.
I will correct them and will upload a newer version later today.

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Great job! I like most of the changes you made.

Here's a new staccato unordered list :)

'S' is better, but it seem to lean a tad forward now.
'G' is great.
I like the first 'J' better.
'M' is fine
'Q': tail maybe a bit the left?
I like the second 'd' (also 'u') most
Nice improvement on 'C'!
Think second 'r' is better. Top maybe a bit lighter

Maybe for K/k you could consider a solution like this very rough sketch:
(K should be broader. I've narrowed it to do this hasty sample)

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Is this OK?

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reminds me of Axis by Akira Kobayashi

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Is this OK?

Jimmy cat like. This is good! An interesting new K design that fits your spunky new font.

j a m e s

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Is this OK?

I still find it hard to get used to ... Perhaps something more like this?
Maybe this will fit your overall design better.

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Great work Satya, I'm really glad it's coming out of NID! have you been working with Mahendrabhai?

Just one tiny gripe. The lowercase 'y' while interesting, seems a little distracting too in smaller sizes, especially when printed out.

Also I wonder if the lowercase 'e' should run slightly over the x-height?

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Thanks, Arun.

No, I never met Mahendra Patel and there is no one here to teach type design in NID. Everything was self taught. But since I did my internship at Linotype, Germany, most of the things I learnt while in those three months. It was an amazing learning overall.

Which lc 'y' are you talking about? Because I have already changed the previous one in the recent updates. Although I liked it but since it was affecting the texture, I had to change it.

I have kept the overshoot same throughout. Does it looked lower in the 'e'?

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Maybe (considering the vertexes of 'v' and 'w') a Meta-like solution for the 'y' connection?

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" no one here to teach type design in NID"
That's so unfortunate...

"Everything was self taught"
Which of course makes your work even more amazing!

"Which lc ’y’ are you talking about?"
I'm sorry, I'd responded to the first set of PDFs where there was this 'y':

The newer version is much better
"I have kept the overshoot same throughout..."
Visually the 'e' seemed lower. This is how it shows on a screenshot from one of the PDFs:

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What about this 'y'?

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I dont know how all that happened, probably it got shifted my mistake.
But now its all fine. Thanks for pointing it out.

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"What about this ’y’?"

You'll need to set two paragraphs; one with this version, and another with the earlier, to take a call.

The earlier version (without the curved descender) had a certain edginess which matched with the overall feel. However my guess is that the new version would be better from the readability point.

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