TypeTrust releases Epic by Neil Summerour

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TypeTrust releases Epic by Neil Summerour

"What started out as a typographic exercise to produce the logotype for TypeTrust turned out to be the product of obsession. Epic is the culmination of two years of work that has yielded a versatile and respectful contemporary garalde.

"With a full complement of six weights and true italics, the Epic Complete family offers itself as a true workhorse for typesetting while ensuring visual interest as an effective headline face with the numerous standard and discretionary ligatures, majuscule ligatures, stylistic alternates and swash characters available."

Download the Epic PDF.

Epic is available exclusively through TypeTrust.com at a 50% discount until January 21, 2008.

Epic Complete
$145 With Discount

Regular Price : $290
12 fonts : Thin, Book, Normal, Medium, Bold, Ultra & Italics

Epic Pack A
$50 With Discount

Regular Price : $100
4 fonts : Normal, Bold & Italics

Epic Pack B
$100 With Discount

Regular Price : $200
8 fonts : Thin, Book, Medium, Ultra & Italics

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Those swash italics are so lovely!

I don't know if it's a PDF problem, but the spacing on the larger blocks of text (page 17-21) on the spec-sheet looked rather awkward.