Architrave Sans

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This is the sans serif version of Architrave, showing in the "Serif" forum. As an experiment, I clipped the serifs and most of the bracketing off to see if I could develop a suitable sans-serif companion font. The result is a modulated-stroke sans. I'm still entertaining the idea of producing a monostroke version as well.

David Thometz


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Damn Dave.

Well, I saw this before the Serif version so I
come without the influence of its brother. This
said, I think it's wonderful in the same woody
way Atlantis is. The stress is excellent - don't
go monostroke with it.

Your letters may have a place on my
storefront sign anytime.


Note: I have no such shop - but I plan to open
one "Coles General Store" solely for the
opportunity to showcase your fine work.

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How could there be too many mono-weight sans'? We just need to get outside of our traditional view of letter-shapes. Mono-weight is where it all started, and continues to push the fundamental forms of our limited writing system. I say go for it. I like the wacky smashed circle shapes of the C and G.

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Here you go, Stephen... One storefront sign. :)


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It's cool, but somehow the character seems to be in the serifs? Also, I probably wouldn't bother with a monoweight sans - we have too many of those already. In the same vein: don't feel too much pressure to make the family "complete" - even an italic might be a waste of time.


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