Take the magic home...

Fertigo & Panasonic :-0


It does resonate that slightly magical/fairytale quality.

I saw this yesterday and was proud to see it together with a brand as Panasonic ... but then again ... it was only for a contest ;)

I stumble upon Fertigo more and more btw.

It obviously works better in some places than in others. In the 'hugs' and 'UoW' examples it looks great, less so in the other two.

By the way Jos can I ask what your commercial model is? Not that I have any complaints about your giving out fonts free:) It's great, but I'm just curious how it works.

I agree Arun, but I think vi.sualize.us also looks nice.

My commercial model... till recently I had none. I worked full time as an art director and type was (just) a hobby and I was happy to be able to cover my expenses with the donation I got/get.

Because I've become well known as 'free quality font foundry' and because my site traffic has grown exponentially (nearly one million pageviews and half a million visitors this year) I've decided to make a change this year. I now work a day less per week so I've an extra day for doing type. The first (partial) commercial font I'll release will be MUSEO. I'll sell the 100 and 900 weight for a small amount and the other three weights will be free. I've no idea how it will work out, but I'm counting on my numbers :-)

I’ll start collecting examples around Washington for you. There’s a new instructor at the Corcoran who is showing your stuff to students, so it’s starting to pop up around town.

James, what a very nice gesture! Thanks in advance for all the efforts.
You can mail to: jos {at} exljbris {dot} nl

"I agree Arun, but I think vi.sualize.us also looks nice"

Actually now that I look at it again, yes. It's the Arial next to it that spoils it a bit :)

"My commercial model..."

Thanks for sharing that. I'm sure Museo would be a resounding success and enable you to keep working the way you currently are.

You're very welcome. And thanks for asking :)

And Prince Fans United ...

The typeface that used to be called....


lol ;)

Jos, I think your fonts are to good to be given away for free :)

Thanks Goran! I'll try to sell some soon ;)