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Ok, I need to know the font for the logo below. I have been told it is Barmeno at whatthefont.com, and there are similarities, but the lower case g doesnt match at all… please help :) thanks



it’s FF Dax

They are similar

Perfect! Thanks, you just made fontfont $129 :) hehe

Which is to be expected: FF Dax was designed in the mid-nineties by Hans Reichel who created Barmeno for Berthold in 1983. And you can’t but notice the similarities with his FF Schmalhans too.

“Hans Reichel (born 1949) is a musician/inventor/composer as well as being a type designer. For 20 years he’s made a name for himself as an accomplished acoustic and electric guitar player. He’s also the inventor of the Daxophon (sic), an instrument where thin strips of wood are played with a bow to mimic animal sounds and human voices.”

More information on his musical endeavors can be found here.

FF Dax was his first release under the FontFont banner. Reichel also redesigned and expanded his popular Barmeno family for FontFont, but had to change the name to FF Sari to avoid being sued by the new owners of the Berthold Type library.

Which in short means he doesn’t own his creation anymore. Go figure.