(x) Lula Mag display face - Kursivschrift {Michael A}

Hello Typophiles

I came across this lovely magazine in London and have fallen in love with the display font used in it.
Anyone know what it is and who sells the licence.


That would be a slightly modified Kursivschrift. Similar to Fling.


Thank you for that one. I thought it was Fling at first but now i see it is this one.
I dont even think it has been modified it just looks like the Stehend version, which is cheap as well. Nice One

Hi Gregers, in case you're interested -- you can find previously identified ID request by doing a search and limiting the results to the Typophile.com website, like this. As you can see, the Lula magazine display face has been discussed a couple of times before. It always helps to do a search first, this saves you some time.

Hi Bald Condensed
Been away for awhile, but never too late to say thanks, i guess. :-)
So thanks alot for that, very handy.