(x) Runic-like characters on a bottle label - various {David Thometz}

Can anybody identify that runic-like font?
I've found it on a wine bottle label, a font-based encryption perhaps...
Thank you!


This looks a bit like ancient italian or etruscan script. Knowing the origin of the wine bottle might raise the chances that anyone here could identify at least the alphabet.

Try these:

P22 Koch Signs

Faux Runic


David Thometz

It's a bottle of a local variety of wine from a basque town, in northern Spain.
The bottle is labeled in basque and spanish. I supposed that there was a hidden message there... a little joke perhaps.

Stephan, at the beginning I didn't thought of a direct relationship between the origin and the alphabet, but you gave me a good idea: could it be some sort of ancient iberian script?

And, voilà! I searched for iberian alphabets and I found this one, I made the "transliteration" leading to the same text in the line below the inscription; that is, the brand and its origin.

Thanks for your help!