(x) "TOC" tech sans similar to Bell Gothic - FF DIN {Lex}

I keep coming across this typeface, always thinking it's Bell Gothic... It has a lot of similarities but many differences, namely the 'I'.

Can anybody help with the I.D?



Looks to me like Antagometrica BT Regular but im not sure could do with some more characters!


I have to say i really like this wheres the image from?

Thanks robbiefa... that seems to be the one!

I found the image whilst browsing design books on Amazon.com. The book is Letterhead & Logo Design 9

Use the 'search inside' tool... the image is from one of the example pages.


I think it's DIN - look at the 'R' in the smaller letters.

- Lex

Yes, both are very similar... however, I think Antogometrica is closest. Check out the arms of the 'C', Antogometrica's stops shorter like the example.

Yea at first i went Din... but then i remembered seeing those caps somewhere else! Nice font in caps not as crazy about the lower case!

Now that i look at the smaller text i think they are using din... but the logo is still, antagometrica. The Capital R isn't antagometrica nice spot lex!

I agree rob' I don't care much for the lowercase either!

I guess you're both correct then! Strange choice to combine two typefaces so similar... but hey, it grabbed my attention.

Thanks to both for the ID...


The chapter titles w/ page numbers certainly are DIN, aren’t they? Just look at the ‘R’…

I think it is Din. From what I remember there are two versions; the horizontal terminals on the C (and other characters) is the standard, and angled terminals is the Alternate version.

FF Din Medium Alternate is the one in the sample.

Nick Cooke

Ok i have to say i didnt check din alternate! should have went for my first instinct! no question about I took screen shots of them both and you can clearly see the difference!

Major difference! Din is way nicer!