David Kindersley's spacing system

I just had an extrodinarily pleasant conversation with Lida Lopes Cardozo. She was telling me about David Kindersley's spacing system. Even though she is sending me a book about it I thought that I would ask my fellow typophiles their experience with it & opinion of it might be.


I have just received 2 books for Lida. One of them is about David Kindersley’s spacing system. I will write more after I have read it.

I have read the most recent version of the book and there is a long thread on it here, during which after initially misunderstanding Kindersley's system I understood the basic idea of it. If you start reading at about May 9 2006 in the thread, when I started to get it right, that might be most helpful to you.

There are also links there to previous threads. I can tell you more by e-mail, if you are interested.

Thanks Bill! That's Great. I will check the thread first and the contact you afterwards if I have questions.