"Azar" blocky outdoor sign lettering


Is that a rotated N?

The Z appears to be an N turned on its side.

Ditto on the 'N'. That's actually a very lovely set of letters. I don't think there's a font equal.

yeah. it definitely is. the place is pretty ghetto. i know i'm not giving you many letters to work with...but any ideas?

Again, it's probably not a font. The low waisted 'R' is unique. You can get close with Gotham, Klavika or Proxima Nova.

thanks. yeah the 'R' is the most interesting thing to me - besides the 'N' of course.

You might dig Neutraface and Relay as well.

Ha! Love that N/Z. Hideous in a very folk artish way! The typeface, though, seems quite nice. Very Neturafacesque.

I wonder if the building originally housed a company called ANAR, who went bankrupt, and the new tenant figured they'd save a few bucks and just based their name of the existing signage. ;o)

(In fact, I know I've seen examples like that...companies moving in to existing building and basing their new name on part of the old signage...that'd make for a good blog.)