(x) Breast cancer awareness banner - Adobe Myriad {Tiff}


Myriad Semibold Condensed


wow that was fast!! thank you so much.

@ Tiffany
Why can't we delete a needless posting, like mine at 10.13am, i was much too late? Maybe with a programmed timer, 24 hours range or less like you guys want.


Ugh, it's so annoying when people post links to images instead of inserting the image here.

For one, I'm barred from opening hosting sites like Imageshack at work. Secondly, not inserting images degradates the "historical" properties of posting here.

Sorry for the rant.

Not all of us can insert images. I think the rant should be directed at the Punchcut folks, who do a great job, but forget those of us with older browsers (although I am happy to say I now have the latest Mac OS, I was still unable to post an image the other day).

- Mike Yanega

Thomas, do you not have an option to delete your own post. I thought everyone could do that.

Tiffany, Apparently you have different permissions/capabilities as a moderator. My previous post doesn't have 'delete', just 'edit' and 'reply'.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks, Mike. Didn't everyone have that ability at one point? I will check with the other Moderators.