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It being the New Year, I am in the middle of clearing out or cleaning up old issues. Among them are promises I never kept. Like posting the text of the foreword I wrote for Neil Macmillan’s book An A-Z of Type Designers. Here it is now, freshly formatted into a pdf.

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Terrific, thank you very much, Prof. Erik Spiekermann.
I warmly formally invite you to send this paper to Multi.
Herzlichen Gruss.

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If the article is being republished I should point out a tiny typo "Open Type" should be all one word. Also at the end of section 2, "It it" should be "It is".

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Thanks, I copied it from one of the many versions I have around. We’re all our own worst proof-readers. Cannot be bothered to change the pdf now. Not my first language, anyway.

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Sorry – pressed the wrong button – how can one delete a post that wasn’t supposed to be one?

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I don't think you can delete a post - best bet would be to edit it and say 'duplicate' or similar.

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Do as Si suggests, Erik, and I'll make sure it disappears. :^)

Thanks for sharing by the way.

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Sorry for the nit-picks, it looks like the typos were caught in a later draft or by the editors - you can see the article (appears to be one of eight essays and not the books foreword) in its final form here...

...use the search inside feature, search for "Spiekermann" and click on page 28.

Cheers, Si

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appears to be one of eight essays and not the books foreword

You’re right: not the foreword. I haven’t got the book here in SF so couldn’t check. I write quite a few forewords for friends featuring font topics (those were six alliterations), like for Rian Hughes’ book or House Industries etc. But now and again I actually write more than a few sentences. Sorry about the sloppy editing on my part, but these things normally get sent out in an email late at night without sleeping on it and going back to clean up both typos and style in the morning.

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even though you cannot delete the post here, you can EDIT it after you posted it. A particular form of editing can be removing all of its contents :)


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