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Hi Typophiles,

When I started my font in 1994 I didn't know very much about typography. I liked the Meta (not Plus at that time) from Spiekerman and the Scala from Majoor. I was amazed by some glyph forms of both fonts. From that moment I started drawing characters and decided to create my own font. I have completed my font in 1996. (I called it Delicious after Golden Delicious, an apple name, because I've worked on a mac since 1992). Now when the OpenType font format hopefully is taking over the world, I would like to add some extra's to it (ligatures/smallcaps etc.) and maybe make some necessary changes. Any comments are welcome. Excuse me for my bad English writing, spelling and grammar and greetings from the Netherlands.

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Dear Jos

Wellcome to you at Typophile

this is realy a nice Font with many cuts (to the english speakers: how did you call the one font like Garamond Regular Italic? is it cuts)... Guess it is the hugest family I see here...

Some little notes: The UC 'O' and 'Q' of the Roamn (guess you mean Roman :-)): The Curves seams not be round, a little bit like a rhombus (hope this is the right word)
Downstroke semi serif of the lc 'a': I dont know but In mine eyes goes to far. Should look more like lc 'd' and 'u'
The lc 's' and uc 'S' (in any font): mhh.. looks strange but not absolutle false. Normaly the s is bolder in the bottom. You have mirrowed it. Dont know maybe it will work. Yust experience with it..

w,v,x,y of the Italics: The corner at the right top is nice but i guess it is to stong, maybe a smother corner will help.

Greetings from your neighbour country germany

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italic lc. "g" , "k" really delicious.I find uc'" R" an "P' a bit bulging. put them on a diet. Overall a very nice design. PDF would be useful for a better look at its nuances.

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Thanks for all you comments so far. I'm really buzy with it.
@ Ole: you are right about a pdf for a better look at nuances...

Delicious.pdf (71.9 k)

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Hrant gave me good advice a while back. "Don't try to squeeze to many elements into a single design" In "Delicious" there is enough peculiarities and signature elements for several fonts.
I suggest a few simplifications. Widths are not done. Go back and check them. I would suggest more unification in line weights/widths. A great concept worth refining.

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Hi Joe. checkd out your site. You have some other fine talent.


...again I really love that lc. "g".

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hello jos,

i never comment any fonts until now. this is georgeus. i fell in love with your italic version.
only the regular/bold sc "s" seems to fall back and the "&" is hard to read. but overall it is a beautiful typeface.

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I think the s's are my greatest weakness. I'm going to look into them and post the results very soon.

Thanks Ole & Jens for your detailled critique and Ole for your nice composition of a painting holding a... g :-)

@ Romesh: do you mean the regular "&"?

Concerning the widths: I don't know what to do yet. I deliberatly mixed up some serif widths with sans serif widths. Maybe I have to let go of that, because of to many inconsistancies. I'm testing it now.

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> @ Romesh: do you mean the regular "&"?

yes, the regular one is a bit difficult.

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I went back and checked the widths as Ole suggested. I came across lots of inconsistancies. I think I solved a lot of them. I made several other changes. Look for yourself... :-)

Delicious2.pdf (20.8 k)

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I think the 9 needs to be broader at the top. I think what you did was flip the 6, which seems logical but compare other numerals with curves at the top and i think you will agree they could look more consistant. 3 hangs lower than rest.
As for the line inconsistencies, I think you got that problem taken care of. numerals

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Thanks for all the comments. I'm still working on the ampersand and some other little rafinements. I'm going to start working on the Italic and then the bold version. I talked to Evert Bloemsma (Balance, Cocon, Avance, Legato) last week and he suggested to skip my bold version and make my heavy version a bold. He also made some other comments about lc "p", the weak curves on the "4" and "7" and the word space.

Delicious2b.pdf (21.5 k)

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Oops... posted the wrong pdf. Here is the right one.

Delicious2c.pdf (21.5 k)

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This is just brilliant, utterly brilliant. When you come to sell this, Jos, please let me know, I'll be at the head of the queue.

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Thanks Andrew for your compliment. I havn't thought of marketing it yet. Maybe when I finish the Italic version I'll send some prints to FontShop. (Or does anyone know a better/other way?)

I worked on the lc's of the italic version an made them a bit more narrow, adepted the widths and some forms.

Delic_Italic3.pdf (18.2 k)

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Tiffany, I think you were right about the uc "O" en the italic lc "g". I made them wider. (and thus also the uc C,G en Q, for the Roman as well for the Italic version). Made some further adjustments...

Delic_It&Reg.pdf (25.1 k)

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Jos -- I think the italic lc_g is too small. Does the italic lc_l rest on the baseline or fall below? It looks like it is resting on the baseline. I think it needs to drop down. Is the italic lc_o resting on the baseline? Is the uc_O a little to narrow in the roman?

It could be the PDF, but any shape that rests on the baseline generally needs to fall lower to compensate to visual balance. If I'm wrong, about the PDF ... I apologize.

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