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TypeCon2008 Education Forum: Call for Speakers

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TypeCon2008 Education Forum: Call for Speakers

The Call is out for presenters for SoTA's Type and Design Education Forum, part of the pre-conference offerings at TypeCon2008 in Buffalo. This year's forum will be held on Thursday, July 17. Last year's Ed. Forum was very well-received, and we expect this year's to be even better.

If any Typophilers here are involved in type education, consider sharing your experience with your colleagues. All the details and requirements for submitting proposals can be found at www.typecon.com. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2008.

SoTA is also still accepting proposals for presentations to the main conference. The stated deadline is January 15, which is right around the corner. But rumor has it that this might be extended, so if you've been thinking about submitting an idea, don't let the deadline stop you. By the same token, don't put it off either -- Quick, get your idea together and get it in to the committee.

Details for these submissions can also be found at www.typecon.com. Just be sure to scroll down to the entry about general program submissions.

-- K.