ID Please - (still) the black tulip

Custom or not.
Any sggestions?


Well, at least I can assure you it’s not this Black Tulip ;°)

Yea, i even looked that up on the typophile archieve.
Happy about that though

This is a new script to me. I'll be interested in the answer to this one. What is this from?

- Mike Yanega

From Micha Weidmann here.

Something about this keeps making me want to read it as an ambigram.

I think that page link makes it clear that it's custom identity work. In that case I'd be surprised if it's a font that would be available, if it's a font at all.

- Mike Yanega

Well, I was just curious, to see if anyone knew of something similar.

Sean you holding out on me with the fashion stuff... any way very nice I do think it seems to be custom i spent ages trying to find this one!

I was sure that it was custom myself.
I posted it because I wanted to see if anybody had any suggestions for alternatives.
And yes, I am holding out fashion stuff from you...hoping that you get more of an appreciation for this style of lettering.

So there

It reminds me a bit of Letraset Fling. The resemblance would be stronger if you slanted it a bit.

- Mike Yanega

Ah go design an art catalogue... serif boy!

Don't talk to Mike like that!

Reminds me of a flourished Bodoni italic. Consider ITC Bodoni Seventy Two or Bodoni SH. On the script side, there's Balmoral.

That is a glorious example of how to use a ligature. Sexy and subtle.