Informal hand written script as found on a number of invitation albums

Can anyone identify this font? It appears in a number of invitation albums, however each has its own "exclusive" name. I need it for envelope addressing. Thanks.


Hi Martin,

have you gone through these lists by Mike Yanega?
Childish Lettering Fonts and, more likely, Everyday Hand Printing Fonts


More contemporary handwriting fonts.

I scanned through the old ClipArt Handwritten Fonts collection, which still turns up pretty often for these kinds of fonts, but didn't see this one. As we say in the FAQ these hand-printed fonts are so easy and cheap to make that there is no way to ever catalog them all. The link Stephen has above ends with having your own font made -- it's that easy -- and some sites will do it for under $10. This means it's often best to pick something similar, and use it.

- Mike Yanega

> some sites will do it for under $10.

But not very well.