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hello people.
i'd like to show a font.
i am working on it now.
it has only the latin part and only lowercase.

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oops... sorry

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I think it's fun - but prepare for backlash from Isaac.

If you want to be more handwritten and friendly it
could do with looser letterspacing.

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Haven't you noticed that Isaac is exhibiting a certain subtle remorse? But I for one have to say that this is way better than Comic Sans, come on.


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This /b{is} nice. Sort of like 'Sassoon' on holiday. :)

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That x is wild, but it works.


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This has potential. However, what this gains in
friendliness it lacks in--for lack of a better word--
naturalness. Some of that 'looseness' just looks like
ordinary sloppiness. I'm mainly talking about the forced
w and v, the squashed x, the chunky s.

Don't let me discourage you. When you finness this to
look more natural (less forced) is when you'll have a

Strudel is a great name, by the way.

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have i been pigeonholed as hater? sheesh. hrant- thanks for noticing my humble concessions on *some* points in the comic sans discussion. but i still hate it.

as for this, it is better than comic sans. i'm with joe pemberton on the v, w, and x. too swashy. the tails on i and l are too pronounced as well. the s seems smaller than the other characters.

is this intended as a simulation of handwriting? i think this is what might result if comic sans and meta had kids. or maybe more accurately, if someone tried to draw meta by hand.

my wife just walked in and said, "that looks kind of like... comic sans!"

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> thanks for noticing my humble concessions

Actually, it was your somewhat gushy positivism towards Fabula that smelled most like remorse.


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thank you a lot, people :)
what's a shame... :) i don't think about comic sans before. previous posted picture show a redrawed variant of first scetch. latin part added after cyrillic draft done.
please look this picture

sorry for my english again...

greatermark's picture the 'g' looks have a different gradient, also the 'q'. I think.


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The 'f' look just fine


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well, don't think about comic sans again. this is much more natural looking.

that is a long f. i'd like to know some of your thoughts about designing it with a super long descender.

it seems a little clustered in the small body copy.

gushy? oh, man. i guess i just wanted to point out the difference between a font actually designed for children and a font used (ostensibly) for children with no reasoning other than it looks childish.

andrij- what were your original intentions for creating this font? i'm interested in the history of it.

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The tail of the "i" creates a spacing problem when you set it that tightly; look at the visual gap in words like "squeamish". You may want to shorten it some.

And wtf, people? This no more looks like Comic Sans than Garamond looks like Times.

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