CPD SolidState (Working Title)

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Hi All,

Here is a typeface i'm working on. I'm very new to this, so any tips would be great!

The intention for this face was to create some using a 6-square grid (2 columns of 3 squares) to create each chatacter, also i was thinking of making it mono-space, but seeing it in action makes me think that is not a good idea...

I'm doing this mostly to start learning the art and craft of type design, but i do intend on using it in designs to see how it holds up.

Thanks heaps!

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ok, sorry, link didn't work. here it is:


I also forgot to mention that i only have TypeTool 3, but this sample is straight out of Illustrator.

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The M gets iffy in the bold weight. I'd fudge the top end of the center stroke for better negative space. Or just connect it.

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The inconsistency between B, R, P might be less ideal.
The 'X' is not really working, in my opinion.

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thanks for the feedback!

i was already thinking the same about the bold M.

thanks heaps - sye :)

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