ID: Film In Focus


I'm having a devil of a time ID'ing this typeface. I've asked my client, and he's given me the name of the typeface, but it isn't correct. Any help with ID'ing this typeface would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Not with that F. I think it's custom - or customized.

That was one of my first guesses, but the F and the S are off.
The client claims it is not a custom typeface (but then again the typeface he gave me wasn't the correct one either).

Yep. And the L is a bit off too.

I puzzled over this while waiting in a theater lobby recently. (It was printed on the side of a large display for a film.) I don't know what it is either (if it is a font). I suspect it is a custom or modified font to match the FOCUS logo. (I thought the FOCUS logo was AG Old Face, but it's not.) (Incidentally, the Neutraface M is slightly splayed, too.) (Sorry about all the parenthetical remarks.)

(No problem.)
Thanks for looking into it.

I was thinking FILM IN FOCUS looks like Font Bureau Eagle Book. Or were you trying to ID the tagline font?

- Mike Yanega

FILMINFOCUS is Neville Brody’ s Insignia, with the cross-stoke removed from the F. Or perhaps there is an alternate F in there. Haven't got time to check. It's a Linotype font - some Akzidenz Grotesk (see the S) with some Avantgarde for geometric purposes. The tagline is just Futura Bold.

Insignia doesn't seem nearly bold enough to match...
I've kind of felt that it was a weird cross between VF Sans and the R and S of Gotham. I am referring to the R in Focus Features, which I forgot to upload.

I think the M in Insignia is wrong too. Here is a sample setting of Eagle Book. All it needs to match is to shorten the lower arm of the F.

- Mike Yanega

Looks to me like the M is slightly leaning in on Eagle, and the S is off - but this is by far the closest yet.
Thank you!

The S is much closer in Insignia and I can picture this being beefed up to match with the simple tweaks.