Any text faces being designed now with contextual alternates to improve fit?

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I am working on a proposal for a talk and I wanted to get the up to the minute info - So, ( and assuming it doesn't violate an NDA!)...

Are you, or do you know of anyone making text faces with contextual alternates to improve letter fit? This could be anything from ligatures beyond the call of Unicode, to Sliced off serifs, to even deeper changes in letterforms.

I know many people are and have made Display faces that do this - I am asking specifically about Text faces.


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Thanks Chris!

fl ligature / I think that’s not real. Unless I see something that convinces me otherwise I would have to agree! I expect that a combination of letters that occurs early in a word or late in a word is likely to behave similarly. I do that that sometimes it might be useful to consider the shape of a letter at the beginning or ending of a word though simply because there is open space to the left or right of the letter in question and that makes a difference for precisely the same reason that having a flat or round or diagonally shaped neighbor might.

cfijklrstvwyz Nicely put! I would add g to that depending on the design. A single story g not so much; but the double story creates interest and potentially some problems not least because of the many ways to handle the ear. The lc 'a' also has a lot of potential to vary if you want to push on it simply because it's form seems so especially good at resisting having it's utility ruined as it is reshaped.

old specimens

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I’ve not read the thread (yet), but you might want to look at some of the Arabic work of Tom Milo et al. Thanks! Actually the Bringhurst talk was part of what cemented my interest in giving this talk. Does Tom's work relate to what Robert's talk was about?

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