Pilo - A New Bold Decorative Display Typeface

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Hi there, everyone!

It's time for a little (self) promotion activity. I would like to introduce the new decorative display font Pilo, now available at Veer. It's based on the logotype of the swedish advertising community bold.se and I think that the negative kern makes it kind of unique. The Bold logotype is designed by Björn Höglund at Daddy.

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About this typeface:
Kenneth Pilo had never designed a typeface. This type of project was long overdue. In collaboration with Mårten Fischer, Ray Larabie of Typodermic, and Göran Söderström of Pangea Design, the font “Pilo” was born in 2007. Pilo is a bold, single weight OpenType face featuring subtle inline detailing and a solid sporting aesthetic. It feels both hard and soft, decorative and stoic, vintage and modern.

About the designer:
Kenneth Pilo is currently art director and creative director of pilo.se, his own virtual agency in Sweden. Since being offered employment at a design agency a week before ending his compulsory schooling, he has worked constantly in the advertising business for over 30 years. During that time, he has done it all ... campaigns, ads, packaging, promotions, commercials, web design, virals, events, television and radio show production, magazines, music ... and the list goes on. All for the love of design. For the past five years he has also been the driving force behind the online community bold.se - a meeting point for the Swedish advertising business.

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I hope you'll like it!


/Mårten Fischer

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Good luck with your new typeface!

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I like the built in negative kerning. Something different.

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Fun stuff.

I wonder with the trend for ultra black almost illegible fonts as well as the trend for layered fonts why you didn't take this a step further?

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Way cool! A companion font of just the interior lines would be a great counterpart.

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Thank you all for ideas and comments, I made a short "movie" to be sent to friends and and family. One of them the put it up at youtube.

Perhaps I should tell them to take it down...due to the music...and the c.

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The inline jumps too much. Rather cycodelic though

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Well, James Puckett and everyone else. Now you can get the inline version of this typeface, Pilo Thin via Veer. Kenneth Pilo puts it like this: »The mission of Pilo Thin was to create a typeface that was exactly the opposite of the very bold Pilo Regular. A thinner cousin, which would create the contrast and to be a credible member of the family. The challenge was to make the font build as much as possible on inner lines in Pilo Regular but that it would feel like it just picked them off. Pilo Thin is more feminine and some shapes has been softened up and adjusted so that Pilo Thin can stand on it’s own, but without forgetting its origin.«

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