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Could anyone please design a font using existing opensource english/european font that has wide license and standards (unicode etc) and change two letters to another language's alphabet, that can then be used on local machine software applications and internet applications? Please tell me your contact details and costs.

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If that would be hacking to a *glyph variant* that is preferred in the given language (to be default), that sounds fine (given that one takes a free font that allows changes to it).
However I would discourage changing the *character* at a given unicode codepoint to a different one. This can be done in practice, but it's discouraged. If I was you I'd check whether the two letters you are looking for are not encoded already. They might have evaded your attention.

Also more details would be useful, both on the letters, languages and application.

Also be aware, that while you can easily use that font on local applications, on web apps (assuming you mean RIA) the font has to be downloaded separately and installed by the user to be actually showing.

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Our standard answer to this kind of request for over 15 years was that you should buy a type app and make the modifications yourself to save money and be able to do it yourself next time. These days, recommending font lab for this is the same as telling someone to go to hell, so we don't recommend that any more. ;)


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Maybe this is of interest.

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