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Hello everyone,

I'm currently designing a logotype for a friend of mine, who'll soon be opening a café/bar here in Duesseldorf. It's a simple "just for fun"-thing i'm doing for free. The font is inspired by (often handpainted) bar and shop signs I saw in Italian towns like bologna, verona etc. last summer.

There are some inconsistencies, i'm still trying out different things… but what do you think so far?


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problems with the pdf-upload again. so here are are two jpegs…

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I like it. I think it has more quality than a 'just for fun' thing. It looks really solid and well executed. Have you thought about making a lowercase as well? Your friend could typeset other signs and things like that with it for inside his café.
Really nice, it has personality, while being quite straight and geometic-looking at the same time.

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I really, really like it, as well. 'Retrorevolution'. ;)
(I personally would prefer the rougher, edgier 'A's, as shown in the first 'Café Rekord' logotype, below the character set.)


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Wow, that's encouraging…

Thanks a lot, guys. I actually am already doodling around and working on some lowercase letters. I'll try to post something later today.


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So, this is the current state of the lowercase…

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by the way, the bar has now opened…

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That looks excellent! :)
Do you have more images?

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Nice work. I wonder if you might play around with slight optical reductions to the strokes in the lower case a and e to open the counters. They look too bold in relation to the other characters.

I'm not convinced that your tail to the Q is the best solution. It is okay, but why not try for something a bit more unexpected?

The lower counter spaces in the capital M feel too cramped. How about a little optical compensation to open those wedges up? The flat point doesn't need to be so wide, which could give you some wiggle room.

The middle diagonals in the cap P and R, and the upper diagonal in the Capital K, and the tail of the lower case g could be slimmed slightly. They look to heavy in relation to the rest of the character. The counter in the tail of the g is too small.
Also, how about a bit more space under the dot of the i? It is starting to look like an l.

Have you ever studied the stroke width measurements in Cooper Black? He must have done the whole thing by eye, since no two strokes are the same width. But they all look perfect together. Sometimes I think the computer causes me to over-trust measurement, and my eye gets lazy.

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Fantastic typeface! I really love this style/period - I feel like these faces are making a big comeback. It's very well executed too. I'd love to see it released for public use.

I'm not sure I agree with slimming the diagonals on the P, R, and K - they look fine to me - if you're going for a monoline face, I think you've nailed it. The tail on the Q definitely needs some exploration.

Any punctuation in the works?

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Thanks for your comments everyone…

I actually haven't done a lot of work on this after the bar opened, but I'll get back to it soon. For the bar we only used the caps, so the lowercase is pretty much just thrown together. I'll try to post some more pictures (like flyers, the menu etc.) if you're interested.

I have to say, you're really encouraging me to go further with this, so I'll rework some of the details and keep you updated on the development soon.

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Kauf' ich sofffort, wenn sie fertig ist!

As soon as it's finished I'll buy it!

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You should definitely go further with this. I think it looks great.
I'm sure people would buy it, if it was for sale. :)

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I finally got some more pictures here… they show a little more of the whole design.

Also I've been refining and changing some details and added some characters. You can see the development in the attached PDF above.

As always, I'm thankful for all comments...

- Hanno

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I hope you at least got free food for life out of that deal. Great stuff!

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Nice to see some more pictures. I think it looks excellent! :)

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great stuff.

love it.

Paul Ducco
Logo Design Melbourne

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If this is what you do for friends, I want to be friends with you ;-)
Excellent work... Ganz hübsch!
Any release plans?

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Thanks again, guys…

This typeface might actually be released in the near future. I still have to work on some things, but so far it's looking good. I'll keep you informed.

– Hanno

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Ha— I was about to mention this guy's site — 'Janno Hahn', I've realised that is in fact you. Great work.
Great designer too. Well done.

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absolutely stunning!

well done!

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"This typeface might actually be released in the near future. I still have to work on some things, but so far it’s looking good. I’ll keep you informed."

So this year I won't go to the Oktoberfest and save my money for the font!

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again ... killer work Janno.

Checking the site out now.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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Hey everybody,

I think I should clarify: my name is HANNO BENNERT, and I'm from Germany, JANNO HAHN is a Dutch designer. But I think you're right, he's done some great stuff :-)

I'm glad to see you're all still commenting. I'll keep you all updated on the development.


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sorry Hanno.

ended checking out your site ... the real you.
and again ... killer work Hanno. Awesome!

curious thing though ... with your site ... since it opens in a pop up window, when I click any other window I have open in the browser the pop-up of your site closes (Firefox 3.0.1, Mac).

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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Handpicked. FFFFound and twitter'd. Nicely done.

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Awesome indeed..very very nice.

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- Scott

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Hello everybody,

I'm really happy this thread is still of interest to you, so here's an update:

Rekord WILL be released, most likely with some additional styles and possibly maybe cyrillic (don't you think this design just screams cyrillic?). I'm currently looking into that. Since I've got a lot to do with other stuff (most of all Tramway, which is also supposed to be published as soon as possible), I can't exactly tell you when I'll be ready, but I'm working on it.

In the meantime I thought I'd share some pictures with you: These are from a student project by Dirk Heider in Basel, who did a corporate design for a wine merchant. I really like what he did, so here it is...


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Beautiful and fresh.

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