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This was my first attempt at a sans serif, with accompanying true italic.

The idea behind it was to make a humanist sans with some of the organic curves and other elements of old woodcut serif letterforms. As such, much of the italic was actually developed before the roman. Also, many of the characters suggested alternate possibilities, so I've developed an alternate set as well.

David Thometz


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In the immortal words of Homer Simpson.
"Mmm. Wood."

There's something in the quirkiness of the
alternates that is really true to the peculiarities
of wood-carved lettering. Nicely done.

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This is great stuff. I'd love to play with this
type in my hands. The only instances where the
little terminal curls don't work for me are when
they come in so tight (lc 'a', ital lc 'm', 'n')
but I suppose you could specify use for display
sizes only - it being a quirky wood type after all.

Also sad about the "spear" terminals (lc 'f',
'j', 'r', 't', 'z'. They don't seem to fit in.

Overall you've managed a nice balance and I'm
sure that much was difficult to acheive. You
must be a fan of Emigre. I see traces of Base
and Triplex in there. Did you consult John Downer
about those italics? ;)


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"Did you consult John Downer
about those italics?"

should be...

Did you consult John Downer
about those alternates?
(see Triplex Italic)

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Ok, I'm an idiot. All this time I've been thinking
of Triplex Sans (not ital). That's Licko.

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To Mr.David Thometz:

DTD Atlantis is a nicely done type face complete with alternates and an italic.
How would a lighter weight version of DTD Atlantis work?

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Any word on the release of the DTD Atlantis Family at

How about a condensed version of DTD Atlantis?
Yours Truly,

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Apologies... Here is the roman set with lining figures and correct-height monetary and parenthetical symbols.

David Thometz

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Heh heh.... Actually, you are correct, to a point. I do in fact like many of Emigre's faces, especially those of Licko and Downer, Triplex and Base included.

The italics and alternates (many of the alternates are upright versions of the italics, you may have noticed -- kind of a backwards evolution, I guess) indeed took inspiration from Base and Triplex, but also Bauhaus forms (lc "m", "n", "r", "u", "w" "x" and "y", among others) as well as some woodcut serif forms (most of the numerals and all characters with a tilde-shaped horizontal stroke).

The tight terminal curls (lc "a", ital lc "a", "m", "n", et al) were inspired by Jonathan Hoefler's Leviathan Italic -- an italic design which I absolutely love.

And the caps... Well, the caps were origianlly going to be mostly sloped romans, but I wasn't happy with that. I wanted as true an italic as I could get, so I wanted that to include the upper case as well. Base and Goudy Sans gave me most of the ideas for those forms, as well as other serified italic forms.

Stephen: I'm not sure I understand your criticism of the "spear" terminals (lc 'f',
'j', 'r', 't', 'z'). Do you mean in the roman, the italic, the alternates or all three? And what about them doesn't fit?

I've had some degree of success using Atlantis at text sizes, especially the italic and alternate sets. I'll try to post a waterfall text setting soon to show you how they work, but until I can get Flash to work properly, I'm still a slave to JPEG images on 72-dpi screens. :)

Thanks once again for all your comments. This forum is an invaluable resource!

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That italics is killer! :-)
And your daggers are great.


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