Futura plus X? Need a body face

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I've seen some discussion before on here about matching Futura with a complimentary body face that is not itself, but it never really answered the question. I don't like the look of Futura in lowercase for semi longer body copy.

I tried using some interesting pairings others have like IKEA with New Century Schoolbook, but my client doesn't have that earthy, warm feeling to use that. haha. The client is a commerical properties painter mostly. If that helps get ideas flowing.

I'm using Futura Medium and Bold(cliche) set in uppercase for titles.

What should i try for body? Sans serif suggestions are welcome as well. Maybe i shouldn't be so afraid of lowercase Futura, but it just irks me.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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How about Avenir Book?

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doesn’t have that earthy, warm feeling

Beton; it was Bauer's "Futura Serif".
Of similar vintage.

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Thanks for Beton Mr. Shinn. I think it may work and the way i use Futura these days i'm sure to use it again if i buy it.

Bergh- I have been tempted. I think it would be a typographic faux pas to do so though.

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Try the new Hypatia sans. There are alternates and the a and g are more appropriate for short texts.

Unfortunately it's not yet available retail, but I think it comes bundled with CS3.

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I recently used Hypatia. The project needed something like Futura, but I really didn't want to use it and I'd just downloaded Hypatia (as the selected registration incentive with CS3). I did use the stylistic sets to strip it down to something closer to Futura, but it still worked on it its own.

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I have not used Hypatia, but I keep getting hung up on the lower-case a. Is it just me?

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The lowercase a is very cute, IMO. But, like I said, I used stylistic sets which swapped the binocular a/g to monocular.

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The flavor is less as the cute little a gets bolder. I'm sure Thomas could shed some light on the influences. I've come to see it as a little Kabel in the mix.

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Wow, that looks a bit odd seeing the unicase (small cap size) alternates mixed in with the lower case.

I had a lot of influences, which I generally took pains to not look at while I was working on the typeface. Kabel, Futura, Optima, Penumbra, and others.

Note: Stylistic set #1 turns off the vestigial serifs, and stylistic set #2 switches to "more geometric" shapes for agty&.

More info on the creation of the typeface:





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