(x) Brand New blog's sweet slab - Apex Serif {Akira}

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You're good; never woulda thought of the small caps!

Many thanks!

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You’re welcome.

But I’ve just remembered this one. metro2005 is good, not me.

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To be honest, I don't think it's so "sweet". The 'B' is awkward and the counters are clogged, evidence of mechanical extrapolation to make the heavy weights, rather than redrawing. This is not Chester's best work. I'm hoping he updates it like he did Apex Sans.

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People seem to like clogged counters these days! :^D

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It's true. If he were a less genuine fellow, Chester could claim he anticipated the trend by several years.

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It's that exact idiosyncrasy I find sweet, actually; I wouldn't dare use this outside the awkward-pasty-indie-rock concert poster subgenre

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