Rescue me

I have been struggling with this one for a week - the R, E, S, C, E, A, D say Perpetua but the Q and U are not right (maybe alternates). Comes from a 1950s copy of Picture Post (UK version of Life magazine) I have yet to look at a sample book I have from 1958 by Maurice Ward which I think has a funny cut of Perpetua in it. If anyone can shed some light, I will ashamed but appreciative.



I think it is Perpetua, with the Q and U manipulated. That U looks awful IMHO.

Perpetua Titling has a Q more like that, apparently to keep everything above the baseline. I'm looking at a sample from the 'Homage to the Alphabet' book from Phil's Photo (1985), which only shows a Light weight, but maybe there was also a Bold. This book shows film types from the pre-digital times.

- Mike Yanega

Just had a look at the digital version of Perpetua Titling Bold by Monotype, and the Q is not the same as in the film type.

- Mike Yanega

Oh, I forgot the U. The film version of the Titling font also is stemless like your sample.

- Mike Yanega

Just checked Jaspert's 'Encyclopaedia of Type Faces' and Monotype apparently had a metal Perpetua Titling Bold face, which matches your sample exactly.

- Mike Yanega

Many thanks Mike, I thought my powers were failing, but glad you agree it is from the hand of Gill. I'm perpetually indebted (sorry).


Glad to help out. A week is a long time to struggle.

- Mike Yanega